Special Event Poems

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  • The Little Red Rose
    Beauty whom no one could ever compare...

  • My Own Valentine's Day (11)

    by AhmadAfaneh

    The night comes again, I am still standing here
    Near my chest, I grab my Knees...

  • My Christmas Wish (1)

    by BeautifulxMess

    Of all the things big and small that this world...
    I am thankful something better that my hearts...

  • Each and every year
    There is just one special day...

  • Happy Valentine's Day
    I want to tell you how I feel...

  • Bulimic Love Story (3) 2

    by Robert Long

    sitting in the dark
    was a girl so alone...

  • Remembrance.

    by Abbie

    Remember the soldiers who have died
    Remember the ones we love...

  • Rear view Mirror (2)

    by Burning Angel

    Some peole said I would never make it,
    I would never be strong enough to push through...

  • Perfect Birthday (1)

    by Baby Rainbow

    I spent today inside a dream
    so that I could be with you...

  • A Christmas Miracle <3 (12)

    by La Reina De Corazones

    Jaded eyes allure and seduce,
    A wicked smile is hidden behind a dragon fan...

  • Day After Turkey (4)

    by Maple Tree

    It lingers in the fridge,
    covered in gravy...

  • Lest we forget! (1) 1

    by A Poets Handwriting aka ALISHA

    The colour of the rose of love,
    marks a day of remembrance...