Thanksgiving Poems

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  • For a Teacher (3)

    by Cinderalla

    When I was down
    You pulled me up...

  • The Gratitude Attitude (3)

    by Lemon Squeezy

    There is no greater gift to give,
    There is no simpler way to live...

  • What I Am Thankful For? (3)

    by Peter DeJesse

    Things that work out for the best
    People that make my life soar...

  • Thinking of our troops
    Home so far away...

  • Thanksgiving (2)

    by Michelle

    Please vote/comment and I will return the favor...
    Thanksgiving is a stressful day...

  • Give Me Pumpkin Pie, Or Give Me Death! (2)

    by AGirlWorthFightingFor

    Thanksgiving memories
    of a broken family...

  • Thanksgiving Day (2)

    by Fisherman

    Thanksgiving Day
    Lord help us to be thankful...

  • Happy Birthday Mom (2)

    by stillmomsgirl

    We stride into the
    luxurious hotel restaurant...

  • Eat-A-Lot-Of-Turkey-Day (2)

    by Brittney Follett

    With a knife and fork you sit around the table...

  • Can a person live without pride and money
    when someone wears a mini skirt,i call this sexy...

  • Grateful (2)

    by Jessie Colon

    If it's one thing that I am
    it's that I am grateful...

  • I'm Thankful (2)

    by Nicole

    I'm thankful for the friends that I have.
    The family that I care so dearly about...