Thanksgiving Poems

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  • Ship Of Dreams (10) 8 WIN

    by cassie hughes

    Oh, Mayflower, dear Mayflower so strong and so...
    From England you shipped them safe, pilgrims and...

  • Bumblebee love (11) 5

    by Dancing Rivers

    Bumblebee my darling love,
    Pray tell, what indeed have I done...

  • Images, past smiles fill my mind
    Another holiday spent alone...

  • Special time, sad time (6) 3

    by Dagmar Wilson

    This is the season
    giving thanks and sharing gifts...

  • Stained Apron (12) 2 WIN

    by Maple Tree

    I've placed food upon plates
    over a tasteful conversation...

  • Give thanks (4) 2 HM

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Thanksgiving is here
    blessings are on the table...

  • But soft my sweet (1) 2

    by Dancing Rivers

    But soft my sweet
    what tangible bliss do we devour...

  • The Gratitude Attitude (3) 1

    by Lemon Squeezy

    There is no greater gift to give,
    There is no simpler way to live...

  • Thank You Lord (1) 1

    by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo

    Thank You Lord for helping me to see hope
    And not the waste that lies behind me...

  • Tribute to Shakespeare (1) 1

    by Mahesh Kachare

    Thanks Shakespeare to write such literature
    You have shown man's thoughts and nature...

  • Family Feast (1)

    by ImmortalKitty

    Come together O Family of mine,
    So together we all shall dine...

  • Share A Day (1)

    by Esther Thornburg

    View a day in the country side
    Acquire a resident as a guide...