Valentines Day Poems

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  • Made For You (4)

    by x0xShaggys-Lovely-Little-Tinkerbellx0x

    I know you are here with me,
    Right here inside my heart...

  • My Valentine<3 (1)

    by MyMuse

    My kisses to be your thirst
    My heart, I want to give...

  • Asking you (3)

    by Mia

    Ive had my eye on you
    us together too...

  • Happy Valentine's Day (sad) (2)

    by aDORKable x3

    I think i need a hug that no one can give
    or give me the strength and need to re-live...

  • Valentines day (3)

    by Andre

    It's Valentines day.
    But I have to say...

  • Love (2)

    by Priscilla

    Today is love...

  • Valentines Day (2)

    by Willow

    Red roses can be found everywhere,
    Their beautiful scent filling the air...

  • To ask you to be my Valentine,
    I'll have to talk to you...

  • One, two, three...
    Happy Valentine's day...

  • Death To Valentines

    by LoveAndAddictions

    The day of love
    The day of happiness...

  • Happy Single Awareness Day (3)

    by Trampled Angel

    What a happy Valentines Day it is this year,
    certainly you, my friend, must think so too...

  • I Denounce Valentine's Day (1)

    by Quietly Versed

    Because of everything that you are
    and everything that you stand for...