Funny Poems For Kids

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  • Ipod (7)

    by brytneyxlove

    My teacher took my ipod.
    She said they had a rule...

  • Spider Hell (19) 9 HM

    by Milly Hayward

    There is a spider in my bath
    it's staring up at me...

  • Fatty and Skinny (3)

    by oNice

    Fatty and Skinny by oNice
    Fatty and skinny went to bed...

  • Squirrel Limerick (3)

    by Briie

    I once saw a squirrel in a tree.
    He said, "Hey, what's up Brie?&quot...

  • Roses are red
    Blue is my cycle...

  • Little Boy Blue (3)

    by andrew

    Little Boy Blue,
    Please cover your nose...

  • Little Blue Bears and Pink Ponies (3) 1

    by Kayla Sonya Dearing

    Little blue bears
    Walking around outside...

  • The Tiger And The Zebra (3)

    by Reminders Torture

    The tiger phoned the zebra
    and invited him to dine...

  • Bus number 241 (3)

    by Megan

    There is a bus kids love so well,
    Number 241, but shh, please don't tell...

  • Ribbit (acrostic) (4) 4

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Down on the pond
    And the lily pads sit...

  • This Pink Town (7)

    by Countess of Monte Cristo

    A sky made from candy.
    The fields are made from Gold...

  • Chicken (5)

    by Samantha

    I loved my chicken,
    His name was Bob...