Funny Poems About Society

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  • Pierre Cardin

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    My deskmate in class,
    Tells our neighbours infront...

  • Edible Totems (2) 2

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    In my tribe,
    One of the clans is represented by a grasshopper...

  • Betrayal

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    The Devil rebelled against GOD,
    Judas betrayed JESUS...

  • Deena

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    Seeing a White stand out in Ugandan music is...
    Paul Kafeero's White wife did some one-beat music...

  • Less Hair

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    Hair is a crown of beauty,
    On a woman's head...

  • Lol

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    He's well read,
    Intelligent and witty...

  • Grasshoppers

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    The Grasshopper is an emblem,
    For the Maracha Clan of Lugbara...

  • Whiteants

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    They are black and brown on the outside,
    But white on the inside...

  • Kakaparaka 1

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    In this place,
    Everything is programmed to be perfect...

  • Stay Home!

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    Name a country where citizens are told to stay...

  • Fan Pandit (5) 3 WIN

    by cassie hughes

    Fan Pandit
    Pray ladies do not be a flutter...

  • Im A Dink


    Double Income, No Kids...