Funny Poems About Society

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  • This is Me (7)

    by Countess of Monte Cristo

    This is me.
    Honest and true...

  • Truth About Females :) (6)

    by xx Danii xx

    We shave our legs
    we never have a wet dream...

  • Today's Music (9)

    by fakesmile

    What's up with all the songs at 07'
    where's slim shady? what happened to Eminem...

  • Cyber sex (5)

    by Sherry Washburn

    Cyber sex is something new.
    sex in text what do you do...

  • Humans (3)

    by Avrii Monrielle

    Oh, what pitiful creatures...

  • Ice Cream Parlor Blues (4)

    by Ronald Edwards

    Our Stout Portly Lil Mother is played by Roseanne...
    In walks a stoutly woman...

  • Questions for ladies (12)

    by Danny Hanson

    So why o why?
    when a boy does try...

  • Crazy! (1)

    by jenbob

    I am crazy.
    i am lazy...

  • Little Test (2)

    by Masked

    After a lot of bad press,
    The people wanted a test...

  • Forks and Spoons (5)

    by Avrii Monrielle

    Forks and Spoons
    by Kristi H...

  • Ode To Finals Week
    Copyright 2007 Sarah-Laney Long! All Rights...

  • Wake up in the morning around five
    make sure I'm up and just alive...