Favorite Poems of believeinlove87

  • Don't Be Sad When I Die.. (6) 2

    by lOsT sOuL

    When tomorrow starts without me,
    and I'm not there to comfort you...

  • Broken (15) 2

    by Angel

    A life has it's secrets,
    Like a girl hiding in lies...

  • Burned Chances (1) 1

    by xoxShorteexox

    I fell into every word that you said,
    just like Alice in falling into wonderland...

  • Mistakes (3)

    by Nicole Lynn

    When we met, I was sure you were different.
    You were going to be the one who didn't break my...

  • This Is Life (3)

    by Innocent Fairy

    As i can see the things
    that go on and...

  • Like a sister (1) 1

    by Innocent Fairy

    Since we first meet
    you've always been there...

  • This box of you... (6) 4

    by Matthew Schut

    I dust off this box that sits in the corner
    It's the first time I can actually open it...

  • Best friend (1)

    by LOvEiSNotFoREvER

    Not long ago I met her
    in such a period of time she became...

  • I will not do this anymore.
    I cannot do this anymore...

  • Thank You (2)

    by Hope Ann 27

    This poem is for a person who understands what I'm...
    Late at night when i thought that i had nothing...

  • Now That Your Gone. (3)

    by simply southern

    You left me here broken, wondering what to do.
    I didn't know whether to move on, or come running...

  • Behind Her Smile... (2)

    by Snickerpie

    Behind this innocent smile,
    Lies another feeling...

  • Poison && Antidote (1)

    by Amanda Ghosties

    Sighing deeply, she closes the book.
    Of secrecy, hostility, && lies...

  • Games (1)

    by KELLiE SHEA

    Don't think we're stupid,
    we always catch on...

  • Within Me. (12) 3 WIN

    by Courageous Dreamer

    For once -
    I no longer loiter sidewalks...

  • Breaking. (1)

    by iFallToPieces

    The girl seems strong, but shes breaking inside,
    Nobody knows how much she contemplates suicide...

  • Here's to. . . (4)

    by pinkbutterfly09

    Here's to all those girls who used to be his...
    the ones who waited all night for him to call...

  • This is the last time,
    That you'll break my heart...

  • Final Goodbye (1)

    by That One Girl

    You were my center, my everything, my sun
    Now I turn around, to see what you have done...

  • I Could Tell You... (13)

    by Lady Nik

    I could tell you I was hurt
    But that wouldn't say enough...

  • Perfection (15)

    by AngelicDecadence

    Warm brown eyes staring into mine,
    As if trying to find a sign...

  • I've wrote this note,
    To say goodbye...

    Forget his name...

  • You're sinking love,
    And I cannot let it continue...

  • Im Waiting

    by QueenOfHearts

    Here I am
    Sitting on the waiting list...

  • The Drunk Driver (150) 2

    by TinyDancer46

    She was drinking at a party
    On a raging New Year's Eve...

  • Silently (99) 1

    by Matthew

    We were out for walk when I turned her way...

  • Lock-down (4) 1

    by Meme

    I refuse to welcome
    you back. Arrogant...

  • 0ne day... (4) 1

    by BrOkeN ForEveR

    One day I'll get over u..
    One day I'll completely forget you...

  • But you promised... (4)

    by ToRn iiN2 PeIcEs

    It feels like its been so long,
    i cant believe your gone...

  • Waiting Game (14)

    by Justin

    He see's it in her eyes,
    that she have been hurt before in the past...

  • The Killer (64) 2

    by Mark Spencer

    The Killer
    By Mark Spencer...