Friendship Quotes

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  • The mark of a best friend is not that they never hurt you. It's that even if they do, your friendship survives. And you are able to forgive and forget; and strengthen the bond you created.

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  • What make life worth to live for is to have a good friend in your side

    by mira
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  • The paper is my best friend who can hold my secreats and never tell no one because it can not talk

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  • A flower may die,
    the sun may set,
    but a friend like you i'll never forget!
    Your name is precious,
    it will never grow old,
    It's engraved in my heart,
    in letters of gold.Xx

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  • Duct tape can fix a broken heart but not a broken family...

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  • Reach for my hand, 'cause it's held out for you.
    My shoulders are small,
    but you can cry on them too.
    Everything changes,
    but one thing is true, understand.
    We'll always be more than best friends. <3

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  • So don't you worry your pretty little mind.
    People throw rocks at things that shine. <3

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  • In the end, it doesn't matter how many breaths you take, but how many moments SHE took your breath away.

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  • //The shell must break before the bird can fly.\
    You must break your heart before you tell someone goodbye.

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  • I'm sorry I hurt you but,
    You taught me how.

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