Friendship Quotes

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  • Be the kind of friend you wish you had.

    by Shruti
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  • When I thought of giving up, I saw the bird with broken wings still being able to fly, and came to realize I have no broken part- then why shall I surrender?Perhaps even the smallest of things can go on with even the smallest they can find.:-)

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  • Familiarity Breeds Contempt.

    Bull shit

    Without familiarity the world would be full of strangers

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  • Dear Snowman - I want to build you every winter, just so that we can be friends till the end of time...

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  • To be by your side for so much (and yet so little) of eternity - it really was as beautiful as it seemed.

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  • I’ve always been here. I always will be. No matter the circumstance, the history, the pain. I’ll be there whenever you need me.

    by Kate
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  • Sometimes, I wished I knew how to really tell you things: like how our friendship isn’t imaginary, that I’m really there … and that you’re never completely alone.

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  • Once upon a time, time stopped for a moment. In that moment, we wrote the end of our story, saying we "lived happily ever after" (though I never knew what that really meant).

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  • Real friends, TRUE friends, don't stab you at all. They keep you from being stabbed.

    by Skyfire
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  • “Arise and be all that you dreamed, all that you dreamed.” - Arise by Flyleaf. The last two minutes I will always sing loudest for you.

    by Kate
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