Funny Poems For Kids

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  • Big Mouth Bass:

    by Scott Cole

    I'm a freshwater Bass
    And I have a Big Mouth...

  • Memory Problem:

    by Scott Cole

    All of my memories
    Added to all of yours...

  • Duke BlueDevils:

    by Scott Cole

    Of all the teams that are in the ACC
    Duke is the team; the team for me...

  • British Bulldog: (1)

    by Scott Cole

    I am so a proper doggy
    I know my language well...

  • Minecrafters (2)

    by Cool Gal

    Sword Broken
    Hearts almost out...

  • No Smoking: (1)

    by Scott Cole

    I am a blood vessel
    With a big job to do...

  • Snow Globe:

    by Scott Cole

    I'm trapped in a Snow Globe
    So There's nothing I can do...

  • Moonlight Dinner:

    by Scott Cole

    Oh hey there Mr. Moon
    Did the cow jump over you...

  • Pillsbury Dough Boy:

    by Scott Cole

    I'm the Pillsbury Dough Boy
    And I like my rolls buttered...

  • A City Fly:

    by Scott Cole

    I'm A City Fly
    And I hate crowds...

  • Does God Dream: (1) 1

    by Scott Cole

    We don't know forsure
    So we can only guess...

  • Nine Little Decoys:

    by Scott Cole

    Maybe that is why
    Y'all Indians are mad...