Funny Poems About Life

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  • Is it reasonable for parents to be so pathetic...

  • Pick-Up Line (17)

    by Mark Spencer

    Pick-Up Line
    By Mark Spencer...

  • I'm Out Of Shape! (10) 6


    I’m really out of shape as I reach for another...

  • Invisible Woman (14) 3 WIN

    by Anna Stephens

    No longer whistles do I hear
    When construction zones I'm walking near...

  • Superstar

    by Karen

    I like to write, I hate to learn
    Deep down inside I have this yearn...

  • I'm sure you all know of
    that fish in the sea...

  • It's A girl Thing. (4)

    by Love Bug

    I shave my legs,
    I sit down to pee...

  • Pregnant (19) 1

    by Em

    I wake up and want to puke.
    That's when I know I'm preggers...

  • How i corrupted Death (7) 2

    by Grant Gilbert AKA Slash

    How I corrupted Death
    You come for me on all hallows eve...

  • So their is this girl i like SO much
    i like her eyes , i like her touch...

  • Enjoyable

    by Amanda Jo

    Spinning around
    prancing for joy...

  • Now I've Met You (8)

    by Ed or Ian Henderson

    You don't look like you do on your MySpace page,
    Twice the size and twice the stated age...