Funny poems

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  • Probable Cause (10) 10

    by Milly Hayward

    Billy Bromms is a borrower
    You know the type I'm sure...

  • I try to be the best person i can be
    Don't act like my friend if your not...

  • Go away Leave me alone

    by Seth Rowley

    Go away Leave me alone
    Try to figure your life out on your own...

  • There's a gremlin in my yard
    Shoot your butt from afar...

  • My Car's Rage (2) 2


    My car is angry at me, a sudden burst from the...

  • I'm tired i don't want anybody messing with me
    You think you are the only one around here that...

  • Size matters (20) 12

    by Brenda

    Ok, so size matters-
    Anyone that says different...

  • Talk the talk

    by Jamparnell

    This has been a long time since.
    A long time coming like the end of this sentence...

  • Snaccident! (27) 12 HM

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Stop! Put them back!
    Step away from the biscuits...

  • Toyed With (4) 3

    by Paul Hirst

    Laying here alone in your bed all sorts of...
    Abandoned now yet last night gladly you squeezed...

  • No Go (1) 1

    by Donbukana

    My God haunts, all the heretics,
    Dirty, dirty word, cut me up to fix...

  • Berlin 1945

    by Donbukana

    Wild galloping horse
    Berlin nineteen forty-five...