Tongue Twisters

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  • Say it !! (18)

    by Spitfire

    Say this:
    ICED INK...

  • The Reverser (7)

    by Some guy done with college

    Way this write I When
    understand can't You...

  • Too late (5)

    by Iola

    Don't dare doing dreadful deeds
    Can't call me you cold creature of choice...

  • Thinking without Blinking (6)

    by Gregory W Golden

    Do you agree
    With me...

  • Big black bug (4)

    by Sai

    The big black bug
    bit the big black bear...

  • If you can say this then say it so i think i know...

  • Distracted (3)

    by NettyLouise

    I want to write a poem
    As I sit here all alone...

  • Little Rhyme (16)

    by Tracy D Rollings

    Sometimes I sit late at night
    and all I want to do is write...

  • Can you say dis? (10)

    by Stacy Ferguson

    I know that you know i know what you know..if you...

  • Tongue Twisters (11)

    by Poet on the Piano

    Shy Shelly shockingly shakes salt shakers, shaming...
    Libby likes leisurely licking lemon limes lightly...

  • Tomorrows what?! (12)

    by Brandi

    Today is tomorrows yesterday
    though yesterdays tomorrow is today...

  • T is for Tongue Twister. (7)

    by Spoken Silence

    Two Tiny Tasmanians Took A Tainted Tool And Traded...