Popular Poems About Life

Latest Poems About Life

  • Unfounded

    by Dayo

    Heart is thirsty to find satisfaction,
    Light is beamed on corners in search...

  • The Dialog (1) 1

    by BOB GALLO

    - How far should I go before I arrive?
    - All the way...

  • What does Seventy mean? (4) 4

    by Larry Chamberlin

    In nine short months I hope to enter
    the eighth decade of my life, with...

Quotes About Life

  • Within each tear, there's a lesson worth learning.

  • Children soak up the world around them. Do them a favour, show them a sea of goodness, the waterfalls of free love, and the rivers of sin, so they know they difference.

  • Love, like respect, starts from within.