Inspirational Poems

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  • If it was my last write what would I say? 
    What would I leave...

  • Cultures Merge (acrostic) (12) 8

    by CJ Maleney

    Confused and poisoned thoughts to begin
    Uneducated words of minds twisting within...

  • The Ark (14) 10

    by CJ Maleney

    You swing that thing with ease each day
    All that time in those leafed lands...

  • Blurred Perspection: (12) 9

    by Scott Cole

    True beauty shines within us
    So why do we talk to mirrors...

  • Harbor of Resentment (6) 5

    by Ronald Edwards

    From passing storm with trying times,
    my vessel worn from smeared begrimes...

  • Angel's Among Us (3) 1

    by Matthew

    Angels among Us
    There are things in life...

  • I Can (13) 6

    by Golden AnGel Rhapsodist

    I have failed a hundred times of my career
    But I will never stop, never tired to stand still...

  • Who Said I Was Gone (3) 5

    by Kryptonite Dreamer

    Granted my writing has hit a lot of lows,
    It also has quite a few highs...

  • Class Of 1986: (6) 4

    by Scott Cole

    It was the year of 1986
    Reagan was President...

  • You are... (6) 4

    by Augustus Black

    Fraudulent people are making
    the earth a muddy domain...

  • Have you seen the grass? (2) 1

    by who i am is me

    Have you noticed the green of the grass?
    How it suffers through the seasons...

  • Make Life Last (3) 4

    by Gwenyth Hill

    A lot of people are waiting
    But do they know what they’re waiting for...