Poems About Meaning of Life

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  • With Hope

    by rohit sapra

    Hope is everything
    Hope is all that turns out...

  • The Eraser (9) 4

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    If you could take an eraser
    To the bits of life that sucked...

  • Means (1)

    by rohit sapra

    Things are part of everything, which remains
    Remains of life are always present...

  • On reflection (senyru) (7) 2

    by Michael

    If we are mirrored in a
    parallel universe...

  • O Sailor! (2) 1

    by Tapan Ghosh

    O Sailor!
    It’s the way I want to be...

  • Raindrop (1) 3

    by Tony

    I am a raindrop.
    Unremarkable from the rest in this storm called...

  • Eyes peer with guilt; beneath a tulle-net veil
    her peevishness; steeped in silken black...

  • Nice Thoughts

    by rohit sapra

    Nice thoughts are always precious
    Thinking in a nice manner helps...

  • She understood the course she had to chart
    But roads are often built with twists and turns...

  • Light is right (1) 1

    by zvikov

    Though we know sight is right
    A yearning resides...

  • Part of Process 1

    by rohit sapra

    Thoughts are always part of process
    Which is called life as it is always of view...

  • Love and Pain 1

    by rohit sapra

    Lost is nothing
    All is gained...