Favorite Poems of Nobody

  • September (6) 5 WIN

    by slighte

    If we were to sleep
    with no ceiling...

  • We were legends then...
    Painting worlds with our tongues...

  • Phobia Obscura (1)

    by Jordan

    Airborne stuck between a synapse
    The place where organs feel scrutinized for...

  • Shall We Believe Again? (4) 2 WIN

    by Armada the Gestalt

    Lost connection,
    Grey flesh, concrete...

  • World so cold (1)

    by Meagan Adelle

    With these cards life dealt, I fold
    Easier to die than live in a world so cold...

  • Creep (1)

    by InterviewWithTheKat

    A thrumming heart is heard
    And his presence is the drummer...

  • Addiction (Tetractys) (11) 1

    by Dreamofolwin


  • Crumbled Lungs. (10) 2

    by Courageous Dreamer

    -This is not personal, and does not hold any of my...
    I find it tiring to breathe...

  • Darkness (2)

    by Rei Severs

    Darkness is a shadow,
    it follows you around...

  • Special Secret (8) 2

    by Lady Nik

    I wake up in this skin of mine
    and I'm deeply saddened...

  • Twisted (22) 3

    by Lady Nik

    I can hear them screaming
    just gnawing at my existence...

  • Fallen (1)

    by Beautiful Chaos

    I need to taste those savage lips
    calling out my name...

  • Children Never Forget (24) 5

    by Atomic

    Sue grew up in a normal home,
    Green lawn, white picket fence...

  • Don't worry I'm fine
    No really mom, I'm okay...

  • Spider's Prison (9)

    by Gness

    Their crawling down our predictable dreams.
    Piercing the very spears we solemnly throw...

  • Suicide Virgin (15)

    by Anthony Duvalle

    It's a terrifying sound when you can't fill your...
    A song even worse when your heart speaks in...

  • Bulimic doll (2)

    by laurentaylorbby

    Throw up
    your a bulimic doll...

  • Jealousy (1)

    by Isadora

    Tolerance and Jealousy
    Perfect Visions of him...

  • Eternal Sleep (9) 4

    by Crystal Rose Blooming

    Death the eternal sleep

  • Gothic Angel (3)

    by Bianca The Queen Of Hearts

    A Gothic Angel came to me
    and ever since that day...

  • My Guardian Angel (16)

    by AngelicDecadence

    The first time I saw you,
    I almost cried...

  • Just scream (1)

    by Bianca The Queen Of Hearts

    Just scream
    let it all out...

  • Silence the Innocence (9)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Hush little one, don't say a word,
    It does no good to speak...

  • I Love You (20)

    by AngelicDecadence

    I love you baby,
    With all of my heart...

  • The Broken Doll (3)

    by a broken smile with a broken heart is a poets life

    A chill down her spine
    The wind on her hair...

  • Paint A picture (7)

    by bleedingximperfection

    Paint me a picture
    A picture of me...

  • Quiet
    Listen to your heart skip...

  • I hear the distant drumming
    and I know the rain is coming...

  • Writers block (1)

    by Stephanie

    I sit here staring at the wall
    trying to find a poem...

  • The Night (42)

    by ForeverASickKid

    The night
    Is oh so dark...

  • Shattered (38)

    by ForeverASickKid

    All of her dreams, shattered
    All because of one night...

  • Lonely Girl (52)

    by ForeverASickKid

    She was sad
    She had nowhere to go...

  • To Die For (22)

    by ForeverASickKid

    She fell for the guy everyone knew
    she was the girl no one knew...

  • Dark Spark (21)

    by ForeverASickKid

    Fell upon the town...

  • Would you like to hear a secret,
    Something I'll bet you never knew...

  • The Day I Walked Away (14)

    by Sora Lynn

    I use to lay on your chest and listen to your...
    You would always say...

  • Notes. (2)

    by bleedingximperfection

    I wrote a note the other day
    That note will be in effect today...

  • Inside (23) 2

    by Rachelle

    Bottled up inside
    are the words I never said...

  • I said i hated you, but truly i loved you
    i said i never wanted to see you again, but i do...

  • Untitled. (3)

    by bleedingximperfection

    Not knowing what to do anymore
    I slowly bring myself to the floor...

  • That girl. (1)

    by bleedingximperfection

    Her skins all torn,
    Due to the fact one cut leads to many more...

  • What u 2 know (1)

    by Rachelle

    I don't know what happens but when
    I talk 2 u I get so happy I have no clue...

  • If you didnt save them from the abuse
    is it the same as abusing him...

  • Cigerettes and Nightmares (14) 1 WIN

    by Indian Comma Bean

    Chaotic flow of liquid streaming
    Down fleshed hills of rose; Never-ending...

  • End (1)

    by bleedingximperfection

    Gun lying on the floor
    Hangover from the night before...

  • Up & Down (5)

    by bleedingximperfection

    Alone, and Scared
    Deep down, I realize they never really cared...

  • You cheated on me for 3 months
    thats real hard to forgive...

  • Take a step back now,
    look around at the streets...

  • I think i love you... (2)

    by beautiful dreamer

    My hearts aching for you to call
    Right now i wanna run through the walls...

  • You said it. (3)

    by beautiful dreamer

    One word...

  • I stayed with u for a few days
    dad picked me up I said good-bye...

  • I Still Believe (5)

    by Rachelle

    I still believe in love
    I still believe in destiny...

  • Lullaby (4)

    by Alexis

    Please lie down
    and close your eyes...

  • She is love (18) 2

    by Kevin

    She means the world to me
    Only that I wish she would see...

  • When You're Gone (8)

    by Alexis

    The days seem to drag on forever,
    and the nights never end...

  • Amends (1)

    by Kathy Worden

    The hurting inside of me that I can not touch;
    The yearning for a time lost long ago...

  • I Stand Alone (4)

    by Stephanie

    I am alone
    but not yet grown...

  • Becoming a Faded Memory? (13)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Tell me something true,
    Tell me something pure and from the heart...

  • Deleted (4)

    by Stephanie

    I thought about you every night
    but now I say enough...

  • Best Friend. (4)

    by Alexis

    I remember how it used to be...
    You were my best friend...

  • Metamorphosis of a Breaking Heart (29) 3

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Watch this heart shatter,
    The broken pieces scatter...

  • Paper hearts (2)

    by StandStill

    She wrote her heart unto a page
    a little paper white...

  • Runaway (2)

    by XtiredoftryingX

    I wanna runaway
    Leave all my thoughts behind...

  • My Sister and Me (2)

    by Claire Bear

    We appear to be very different,
    But at heart we are the same...

  • Sister

    by Ashley Skelton

    Your my sister
    even when we are fighting...

  • Goodbye mummy (18)

    by Baby Rainbow

    You promised me you wouldn't go
    you didn't even let me know...

  • Watch me bleed (2)

    by layclynn

    Cut my throat and watch me bleed
    hear me scream beg and plea...

  • Dark Angel (3)

    by XtiredoftryingX

    I may not wear pink
    I may not wear short skirts...

  • One Wish (4)

    by Jodie Phillips

    If I was granted just one wish
    This is what I'd do...

  • See You In Hell (4)

    by Jodie Phillips

    Your ignorance so bitter
    Selfishness so clear...

  • Live life to the fullest (9)

    by MR F R 3 S H

    Live life to the fullest
    Life can end before you know it...

  • The Anamil i see is me (3)

    by BrOkEn HeArT

    When i look at myself
    I am disgusted by what i see...

  • The darkness has me now (1)

    by BrOkEn HeArT

    I feel the darkness pulling me, at first it was a...
    But now its eating me, holding me there...

  • Whispered Rhymes on Ink Stained Pages (23) 1

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Line after line, scrawled across the page in blue...
    Words bleeding onto paper, describing a life...

  • Hi....It's Your Conscience here (9)

    by Jodie Phillips

    Why do you always allow me to win?
    I'm getting bored spoon feeding you all your sins...

  • Live Life To The Full (12)

    by Jodie Phillips

    My views on life
    Have now changed...

  • Dry Your Eyes (10)

    by Jodie Phillips

    Looking down from up above
    Engulfed by sadness stands my mourning dove...

  • Flawed Masquerade (26)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    I'm trying to hold it together,
    Letting the cold numb flood my veins...

  • Will I pull the trigger? (14)

    by 4EvErMaKeBeLiEvE

    You use me
    You abuse me...

  • Desimate Everything I Am (9)

    by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG

    Tell me one more lie,
    Slap it in my face...

  • Numb(Like Me) (3)

    by Lady Nik

    I just want to feel something
    Is my blood pumping...