Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • I am simply
    A starlight candelabra remnant of a flicker of...

  • Unclear (2) 1

    by Some Random Human

    Hate takes the place,
    of the love I once felt...

  • Once (6) 4

    by Mandy Earl

    There you were
    When things got bad...

  • The Steps Of This Right Now (1) 1

    by Mandy Earl


  • Here you are again
    Under my skin...

  • Confused

    by Bre Bre

    I'm in a tight spot
    One that hurt the people I love a lot...

  • That Sound (1) 1

    by Mandy Earl

    A breath hitch...

  • It's been months since we conversed
    and it disheartens me because...

  • Perfect Guy (2) 2

    by Jenny Paradise

    For as long as she can remember,
    she's been mistreated...

  • Longing for freedom (3) 2

    by Erin Cruise

    I felt the sun today
    for the first time in ages...

  • Regrets

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    When we first met our motto had been "no regrets...
    We knew what everyone else would think if they...

  • I Feel Your Pain: (3)

    by Scott Cole

    Tonight I'm at a ponder
    My mind is in a frenzy...