Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • A kiss and a sigh,
    Two worlds became one...

  • Paper To Pen: (8) 4

    by Scott Cole

    I hope you don't expect me to just sit here
    And watch you pour your heart out to another...

  • Moonbeams Of Lark: (3) 5

    by Scott Cole

    One night I mulled

  • Another Day (2) 2

    by Some Random Human

    If you are gone,
    what's the point in this...

  • Untitled (6) 3

    by Mark Hopwood

    So much to do,
    Yet so little will...

  • Paid In Full (1)

    by C Cattaway

    Abandoned in the recess
    Of my dark, intrinsic maze...

  • Absolution (9) 8 HM

    by S s...

    A weary traveler,
    one lonely summer...

  • Used & manipulated 1

    by Zac Rose

    It is truly astonishing in what one can make...

  • Rainbow (3) 4

    by Black hole

    Tell me, who is going to accept such a heart,
    which is battered and bruised...

  • Trench Love (3) 1

    by C Cattaway

    You gave me a flower.
    I felt how it died...

  • Writing, Not Losing (2) 2

    by C Cattaway

    I just keep writing lines of words.
    They're not even that good...

  • Every Part Of Me 1

    by C Cattaway

    Every little part of me
    Is wrapped up in a thought...