Other Sad Poems

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  • First Born

    by Shane

    Paced into the hideaway
    to confess your truth...

  • Oh how you burn (8) 10

    by Em

    Remnants of you burn my skin
    they scar me for days at a time...

  • Nihilism's Toll (17) 11

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    Of all things great and wonderful
    I wish that I could care...

  • Fluid (2) 2

    by MariAnn C.

    It falls like shrapnel...

  • lost (5) 2

    by CJ Maleney

    Too tired to think straight
    Too tired to be effective...

  • Ones Heart.. (1) 1

    by C J T

    Ones heart is sacred.
    But alone, faces so much...

  • Kiss of Death

    by DarkLight

    she came to me in my dreams,
    floating like clouds on a sunny day...

  • "you are going blind"
    is the cruellest thing I've heard...

  • Like a Fountain (2) 1

    by ddavidd

    <<For Holly Jones' mother>>
    I saw your neck...

  • I wish... (3) 3

    by Robert Long

    i wish i was young
    and innocent in the mind...

  • Yoyo (8) 9

    by Mark

    Am I alike a yoyo?
    If so - the axle is my heart...

  • You raped me with words
    Imprinting them in my mind...