Sad Poems

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  • Just another day.. (6) 6

    by C J T

    Another day passes
    Still i sit here...

  • Feel So Alone (1) 1

    by Bryan Garcia Ramos

    In the depths of my soul ,
    I feel the loneliness...

  • Meaning (4) 3

    by Gwenyth Hill

    Why should we give a damn about each day
    There already numbered anyway...

  • Im sorry

    by Alice rider

    I use to cry in bed every night with to little...

  • There should be money

    by Seth Rowley

    There should be money out there waiting for me to...
    Why do i have to think about that all the time...

  • I Truly am Invisible

    by Gwenyth Hill

    I believed in you so much
    So why do you do this...

  • Last Words

    by In love wid MRR

    I sat down to write last words for my love
    What could be the best word for my love...

  • Living Dead

    by In love wid MRR

    I can't remember the day,
    The day when you left me...

  • Iam A Liar

    by In love wid MRR

    I am liar
    My heart lied while beating...

  • The Last Chapter

    by In love wid MRR

    As the night slowly creeps in
    It brings with itself the shadow of despair...

  • Ode...

    by In love wid MRR

    There's music in your voice
    An everlasting longing for someone...

  • The lowest point (1) 1

    by A.J.P.

    It creeps upon you when you least expect.
    It's a fight that you learn to accept...