Sad Poems

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  • Chapter 27 (2) 2

    by Jamie

    I've become my own messy roommate
    journaling on the heartstrings you left...

  • Fake (3) 3

    by Lyical Madness

    The smile doesn't reach my eyes
    The mask can do much but not add back the faded...

  • Gaslighting (4) 3

    by Ross Kilbride

    All of these years
    All of my fears...

  • Embrace The Dark (3) 3

    by Aries Rising

    Slowly, silently and steadily I walk.
    No sound assaults my ears no necessity to talk...

  • NaPoWriMo #7 2017

    by BlueJay

    There are no tears I'm wanting to cry,
    but there's still not enough coffee in...

  • A smile can help (2) 3

    by Alice rose rider

    A smile can hide so much
    A smile helped me get through the hardest of times...

  • We're walking
    "Bet you I can reach the top...

  • Mistakes (1) 2

    by Alice rose rider

    I have made so many mistakes
    I have done so much wrong...

  • Not Mine to Lose (1) 1

    by Tony

    When I saw you on my screen
    My heart literally hit the floor...

  • In your gold-flecked emerald eyes
    I once thought I could see...

  • You never asked to be treated wrong
    No woman should be taken for granted...

  • A crispy silver moonlight shone
    upon the frosty leaves...