Sad Poems

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  • Love (2) 5

    by Lena

    Maybe it hurts worse this time because there is a...
    It’s telling me you found it, the one thing...

  • Start Again 4

    by Acacia

    It's dark in my mind
    And I only want to hide...

  • . (7) 7 HM

    by Mr. Darcy

    another headline
    tumbles across a mass grave...

  • Insomnia (syntuit) 3

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Other people’s problems
    come like ghosts in the night...

  • Angel Annie (3) 5

    by Emi

    Annie would
    Never be forgotten...

  • locking myself in
    for the second time felt like...

  • My demise (2) 5

    by Emi

    My tears stain my pillow
    though my smile says "I'm OK...

  • Seasonal blues (12) 10

    by Michael

    never know what...

  • My first memory of depression
    Takes me back to ten-years-old...

  • Drift (4) 8

    by Skyfire

    like a broken hasp...

  • The change 3

    by Kris Vigil

    Usually when I start to text you,
    I get this happy feeling...

  • Goodbye Cruel World (2) 2

    by hayley williams

    Tears form in my eyes
    I do not want to appear weak...