Sad Poems

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  • Trauma (3) 7

    by Em

    perspiration drips from my pores...

  • Seasonal blues (12) 10

    by Michael

    never know what...

  • Melancholy (2) 5

    by Shruti

    They ask me why I write about the future
    like it has already happened...

  • 18 years have passed
    without you by my side...

  • as the body count
    careered out of control those...

  • Stalemate - Senryu (8) 5

    by Walter

    I'm reading your mind
    Although I won't turn the page...

  • Methomania (3) 6

    by Em

    My father has always been an
    Ebrious man, liked more than a...

  • Eight Weeks (8) 8

    by Maple Tree

    Upon a night so cold and dreary
    feeling life drain, making me teary...

  • Silence (9) 8

    by CJ Maleney

    No chippy claws on wooden floors
    No sound of your approach...

  • Stillborn (4) 3

    by Paul Hirst

    You were my womb
    The breast I fed on...

  • New Year (Form - Senryu) (5) 4

    by Augustus Black

    Every new year we
    plant a golden tree of hope...

  • Yesteryears are certainly
    Over but, you need to...