Sad Poems

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  • A letter (4) 2

    by Kasie

    With tear filled eyes, I write,
    Tears soaking this ink filled page...

  • Sweet Angela Christine,
    Little sister from above...

  • I suck at life

    by FiecreGoddessLu

    Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a f**k up in life
    Maybe things would be better if I wasn't alive...

  • Imperfect

    by FiecreGoddessLu

    I don't know what happiness is
    I wish I really did...

  • Suicide (11) 8

    by Em

    Sentimental people aren't
    Understood which makes life...

  • The mind is but a battlefield of pain,
    Decapitating ev'ry joyful thought...

  • Stillness So Still

    by Dottie Donathan

    I've been wondering in the stillness why it's so...

  • Tears (Concrete) (6) 2

    by Kasie


  • Another Somber Night (4) 3

    by Maple Tree

    Feeling air wisps tickle her nose
    much like a cold night freezing...

  • Evil Dreams (sonnet) (6) 3

    by Kasie

    ~The pain is but a memory of you...

  • Misplaced (1) 1

    by Courtney Hough

    I wake each morning a new battle,
    one that I can't possibly ignore...

  • Anxietys hostage (2)

    by Kasie

    I want to scream, I want to cry,
    Some days, I just want to die...