Special Event Poems

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  • ~"A sprout's wish" ~
    "I'm sorry if my tears stain as I write...

  • The Show Is Just Beginning (2) 2

    by Jeff Fleischer

    The show is just beginning,
    And I hope our music will set you free...

  • Farewell (5) 3

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I let my worries fall into water
    my body leaning against my favorite tree...

  • Clinging to her coat she
    Hungerly watches shoppers...

  • Reborn (3)

    by Lu

    Once upon a dawning morn, love cast a dainty spell...

  • My Little Bundle Of Joy (3) 1

    by Paige aka Kayla

    20 weeks have past
    Its all gone so quick...

  • Life's Little Gift's. (3)

    by CourtneyyContageous

    The beautiful cry of life
    Hushed breath's await...

  • It (3)

    by Coffee Loves Nachos

    I sit here on the phone,
    with the one I love...

  • The Gift of Christmas (5) 1

    by Poet on the Piano

    Expensive presents wrapped in fabric
    Striped candy canes swirling with taste...

  • New Year (4) 2

    by Sourav

    The party is over, alcohol runs down the vein
    Craziness is crossed the line, now it's insane...

  • Gentle clouds burst
    whilst the river weeps...

  • The Ultimate Gift (4) 2

    by Ronald Edwards

    With criminals I hang and bleed
    as loved ones mourn below...