Friendship Poems

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  • Who 2

    by Mimi

    Who made you feel this way?
    Like your heart's too heavy...

  • Growing Older (2) 2

    by ERS

    Since when do we have to be vulnerable,
    How did I forget something so fundamental...

  • Purple Thoughts

    by Eminent Bard

    I look up at the night sky
    Wondering if you see the moon shining bright...

  • She comes home in scrubs
    her hair a mess...

  • All these thoughts inside my head
    Circling my brain as I lay in my bed...

  • Friend 1

    by Mimi

    My life was better
    The moment I met you...

  • That Little Kid 1

    by Mimi

    Hidden in me
    Is a lost little girl...

  • Thank You (1) 1

    by Mimi

    Thank you for moving forward
    When your wings were too worn to fly...

  • My First Kiss 1

    by Mimi

    My first kiss
    Wasn't supposed to happen...

  • Daughter (1) 2

    by RavenBunny

    Dearest baby girl, you are what makes the world...
    Among your smile lives a glorious hue of the...

  • A Tale Of Two Cats

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    All is silence not a peep
    Like cat voyeurs, we watch them sleep...

  • Shall I compare you to a rose?
    You were by far more beautiful...