Friendship Poems

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  • Father (Acrostic) (2) 2

    by cassie hughes

    Full of fun you filled our lives
    And those around with love and joy...

  • Ask Me When I'm Drunk (1)

    by CJ Maleney

    Not often I get to let my hair down,
    But then I ain't got much to touch...

  • Title Help Pls?

    by BeachBlunt

    Thank you for being my best friend
    & Always believing in me...

  • Memories (1) 3

    by KELLiE SHEA

    The world spins faster...

  • You missed the signs (1) 3

    by Teria Westerviller

    My mind has been at war,
    My memories blurry...

  • A word or two

    by Ramon The SunStone Haupt

    For him
    For her...

  • Colors of memories (1) 1

    by Shiva Sai

    Memories are good,
    Memories are bad...

  • Mother (2) 1

    by Shiva Sai

    I miss my mother's lap
    Where I lay my head...

  • Dad's Watch (1) 2

    by Larry Chamberlin

    This? It's my father's pocket watch.
    burnished gold, keeps meticulous time...

  • Daybreak 1

    by Anya

    Of all the stars that God has shown
    Throughout my many lives...

  • Trust, is sleeping in the back seat of the car...
    Love, is your mother cutting an apple and giving...

  • Untitled

    by BeachBlunt

    Hey best friend..
    I know you're feeling down...