Friendship Poems

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  • A Chance Encounter 1

    by mckenzie

    how fortuitous
    through multitudes...

  • Absentia (1) 2

    by Cantchangeme

    There is a colour that I no longer seem to see
    There is a chain I wear whenever I am free...

  • Fathers Are Like The Ocean

    by Christen Kuikoua

    Fathers are like the ocean,
    Vast deep, strong in motion...

  • Parents (1) 2

    by Glenn G

    Parents are more than a bank.
    More than a place to unpack when the money runs...

  • April 5, 2016 Poem (Ode) (2)

    by Abstract Poet

    I was logging in
    Facebook I had a...

  • Should’ve Said No

    by The Parrott King Jordan R. Stephens

    Love ain’t what it used to be,
    and the air is thicker...

  • Twenty years

    by C Cattaway

    Twenty years to miss you.
    Loving you's the easy part...

  • The Mechanic

    by Glenn G

    I once had a dad,
    I watched, I learned...

  • I'm Human

    by C Cattaway

    Release me from my madness.
    Give me solace from my head...

  • Colors of the Wind 1

    by Synful

    She is red - ablaze with a passion so vibrant in...
    She is orange - refreshingly sweet as her words...

  • Smiles and Kisses 1

    by No1ButMe

    Smile sweetly all you want
    I know it full of venom...

  • All the Answers (2) 3 WIN

    by Tara-Kay

    You grip my finger in your tiny hand
    and you look at me as if I have all the answers...