Funny poems

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  • Camping Trip!

    by Ricky Story

    Life - check
    ….Death… - check...

  • Guess

    by Ricky Story

    Well shows over
    It was all a hoax...

  • Bye

    by Ricky Story

    Why not more I thought and thought
    And then I thought some more...

  • Hi up high

    by Ricky Story

    Star light
    Star like...

  • Mr. Crowley

    by Mark Spencer

    “Mr. Crowley, I bring some news!
    The Winchester’s are dead...

  • The Zombie Knight

    by Mark Spencer

    Sir Bertram was a skittish knight,
    Quite often prone to fits of fright...

  • The Spider

    by Mark Spencer

    I heard my wife cry out in fright,
    As I rushed to her aid...

  • The Thing

    by Mark Spencer

    The name’s Benjamin Jacob Grimm,
    An’ I’m from Yancy Street...

  • Pasta Pizza And Biscotti

    by Menico Sottile

    Obsession with cash
    keeps us...

  • New Muse

    by Karin Erlacher

    Debating on creating
    Because that's what I do...

  • Bladder prison (3) 2

    by mistake

    I stare into the bottomless hole,
    Before flushing away part of my soul...