Popular Dark Poems

  • Under The Pump (1) 3

    by Cam M

    Coffee packaged droplets
    moistened lozenge...

  • Blood lust (3)

    by SilentlyDyingInside

    I sat in the dark.
    My blood lust was getting worse...

  • Vampire Love (3)

    by Bella

    A shadow around the corner, a bump in the night
    I know the name of this emotion that seeps into my...

Latest Dark Poems

  • Black panther, where art thou?
    Risking my two cents...

  • At Midnight

    by Eliza Clarke

    It was but at midnight,
    and to say a grief it wrought...

  • Death Bell Tolls (1)

    by MariAnn C.

    Death bell dings one
    And another second of life...

Dark Quotes

  • Never let the demon
    inside you flought away,
    you might need
    it another day.

  • I could say I was hurt, but it wouldn't be true. However this knife in my back reminds me of you.

  • I lay seeped in darkness, yet I still reach for the stars.

    by Solus