Popular Dark Poems

Latest Dark Poems

  • The Night of a Witch

    by Evanescent Moon

    A pentacle falls betwixt the curves of her...
    The silver glinting faintly in a pale moonlight...

  • You know My Name (1) 1

    by Paul Hirst

    It was I who whispered in Pilots ear gave him...
    And I threw die for His blood stained robe laughed...

  • The Masque

    by Frank

    I am at sea
    by the pompousness of this shapes...

Dark Quotes

  • Never let the demon
    inside you flought away,
    you might need
    it another day.

  • I could say I was hurt, but it wouldn't be true. However this knife in my back reminds me of you.

  • I lay seeped in darkness, yet I still reach for the stars.

    by Solus