Popular Funny poems

  • Snaccident! (29) 14 HM

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Stop! Put them back!
    Step away from the biscuits...

  • Size matters (34) 16

    by Brenda

    Ok, so size matters-
    Anyone that says different...

  • Ode to a Calet Maid. (10) 7

    by Kate Hicks

    Through thick and thin you taught me
    The way a teacher should...

Latest Funny poems

  • Beer and cashews? (4) 2


    Beer and cashews?
    Ever had a craven for a raven? What are you nuts...

  • Ride

    by tayboyyyy

    Cars cars,
    Driving so fast...

  • Rhyme

    by tayboyyyy

    This is a rhyme,
    I'm going to do...

Funny Quotes

  • For the ex :)

    "Not even the light of Heaven and the gravity of Hell could attract me to you again".

    by Maher
  • If you love something set it free. If it comes back, then you have a stalker.

  • Dear 11 year old on Facebook with 'It's complicated.' Seriously????? What did he do??? Steal your animal crackers??