Funny Poems For Kids

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  • Help me find them (15)

    by Tiller

    What could've happened,
    Where did they go...

  • Shark Tag (14)

    by Twisted Heart

    I dipped my toes into the sea
    A shark came up and bit off three...

  • I have to go to the potti! (14)

    by Pink Romance

    I gotta go! I gotta go!
    ill ask the teacher first...

  • I love you (13)

    by Marlena

    Every bird loves a tree,
    every flower loves a bee...

  • (Author's note - I've not been a very active...
    Xx The Fall Of Humpty Dumpty xX...

  • My Name is Martin (13)

    by Crystal Rose Blooming

    My name is Martin just so you know
    I seem to cause trouble where ever I go...

  • Georgie-The Vampire Mouse
    Georgie was a vampire mouse...

  • My Little Buddy. (12)

    by Megann Lee

    I have a friend Who is very dear to me.
    He is rather yellow, and can float around you see...

  • Cartoon Cartoon (12)

    by NothingGoldCanStay

    As a young child
    I would sit and watch...

  • No Peas For You Today (12)

    by LipstickLullabies

    There was a boy who was quite so bad,
    He drove his mother bloomin' mad...

  • Mommy bought these socks for me
    They can do a trick, wanna see...

  • I dunno!!??? (12)

    by SHYSTY23KO

    The alley was the best place to play,
    You could find me there all day every day...