Other poems about life

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  • Closure 1

    by The Prince

    I am everywhere;
    I am all around...

  • Images II (4) 4 HM

    by Hellon

    the crack found its home...

  • Well

    by tayboyyyy

    Well of the hidden,
    Well of doubt...

  • This World

    by tayboyyyy

    A visible volcano,
    That's about to erupt...

  • This Is What It Is

    by tayboyyyy

    The decisions you make,
    Are right, but don't go how they should be...

  • See

    by tayboyyyy

    Feel the doubt,
    Feel the despair...

  • Searching

    by tayboyyyy

    Searching for that special place,
    Filled with a warm embrace...

  • My Life

    by tayboyyyy

    My life is a misery,
    Yours is a dream...

  • Lucid

    by tayboyyyy

    Walking down a long winding road,
    Of a life that's deserted...

  • Lonely, So Lonely

    by tayboyyyy

    I am distant,
    From the world that surrounds me...

  • In The Darkness

    by tayboyyyy

    In the darkness,
    You're all alone...

  • Heart

    by tayboyyyy

    In the darkness,
    Of the heart...