Other poems about life

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  • Time (acrostic) (1) 2

    by Em

    Tick tock the clock won't stop, more
    Importantly the extraordinary...

  • Enforceable (syntuit) (1) 1

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Don't need signatures
    for devils valid contract...

  • Lets go (4) 5

    by tiffany

    Shall we leave it all behind?
    Run- just me and you...

  • Give Me the Grit (syntuit) (6) 5

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Life, if you live it,
    does not have to be painless...

  • Find Me (10) 7

    by Aries Rising

    I am always here and present,
    You simply have to look...

  • Silent (acrostic) (13) 6

    by Michael


  • I hold my breath (2) 2

    by Alice rider

    I hold my breath so i dont scream
    I hold my breath because once i start crying the...

  • Being tossed aside
    Like a piece of mouldy meat...

  • Stroll down memory lane (17) 7

    by deeplydesturbed

    Thinking back on life i can see
    How quickly its progressed with technology...

  • Life (3) 4

    by Em

    Life isnt simple but neither
    Is love and when they go together lifelong...

  • That tongues may loosen, I (8) 3

    by Vink Kozira

    And I beheld a name go adrift on your waters
    Hundreds, thousands perhaps / Sailing...

  • Honor4saken (8) 5

    by Alec

    I was kicked when I was down
    By a ring of children 'round...