Poems About Life

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  • War (1) 1

    by Angela Neumayer

    Stop the war
    Lay down your weapons...

  • And so we gather
    some tearful, strained convulsions, leaking sorrow...

  • forget me not (senyru) (4) 3

    by - Mr. Darcy

    meadow flower popped
    into a vase made me smile...

  • Man has made social norms, from the spiritual we...
    The doings of the mind, at variance with the ways...

  • Wandering Poet (2) 1

    by P o e m e l o

    I choose the noisy place
    to gather ideas...

  • Love Yourself (2) 1

    by Gasttlee

    You’re worth more than you know
    like treasure buried deep...

  • A gambling awareness (12) 6

    by Michael

    Upon the banks of high street shops
    between the stores their anchor drops...

  • I Sing A Song (4) 3


    When the days grow dark, dreary, and long, I sing...

  • Castles in the Air (4) 5

    by Maple Tree

    Twisted is the night when rainfall brings her home
    casting formations upon love circles and echos of...

  • 'Bookmakers' (senyru) (6) 4

    by Michael

    odds used as live bait
    morsels for bread and butter...

  • Can you hear that whining sound up there;
    A constant sound I've taught myself to bear...

  • procrastination (1) 1

    by brevity

    got a hundred things
    to do, but none you want to...