Poems About Society

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  • Why people need to go?
    Why I'm left with a story with ago...

  • A nightmare

    by Ekta Jain

    Raining raining in the Mars
    Cloudy cloudy in the deserty grass...

  • A sad little truth (2) 2

    by Julie Raab

    Why is it that our world is so full of hate,
    That we as humans are so quick to discriminate...

  • The Patriot (8) 9 WIN

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Old Glory is smartly marched down the aisle
    when the opening ceremonies start...

  • Her endless need to be adored by all,
    Despite affection leaving her at sea...

  • Divine Intervention (3)

    by Alex Penuelas

    Divine Intervention
    They call me a madman...

  • Im Proud Of Who I Am (2) 2

    by charmaineMifsud

    I am a lesbian.
    That does not mean...

  • Unreasonable People (2) 1

    by Mahesh Kachare

    Many people have no sense to speak
    Because, in culture, they are so weak...

  • Cardboard 2

    by Emily Wacker

    It's a knife that will not quit,
    As the blood splats onto the marble flooring...

  • The Episode Two Of Mmm

    by Ezeani Sunday

    When people give a lizard's ear to history
    When people ogle through life with the biggy owl's...

  • The Mystery Of Mmm (2) 1

    by Ezeani Sunday

    At the time when the whole cistern cracked
    When the dam ran dried...

  • Singled Out

    by Gasttlee

    This is a poem on a topic I take very seriously...
    When you're single...