Poems About Society

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  • You must be kin (1) 2

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Children are crying
    parents anxiously searching...

  • Opportunity and You

    by Sajal Ahmed

    If you have a chance to present yourself, then you...
    Your shame; Which rape you...

  • Who is Who? 1

    by Matthew McKewon

    His face-
    greasy and worn...

  • Nirvana inc. 1

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Only in this world economy
    could the transformation...

  • Master of manipulation (18) 10

    by Dagmar Wilson

    His name is Satan
    feeding of goodhearted souls...

  • Some kids are sad,
    With their perscripted medication for artitical...

  • Genocide (syntuit) 1

    by Larry Chamberlin

    When you war against
    your brother you wage that war...

  • High School (1) 1

    by Jazzaroolich

    They say that
    you will miss this place...

  • Don't Blame the Dog (3) 2

    by Tony

    Life with you has been difficult
    It's not a path I would have picked...

  • Indigo 1

    by pmmurphy

    people only type
    in contrasts...

  • Outdoors (1) 1

    by M?ody Mesjarz

    Is it just the brightness making me so fold,
    or is it your defeated souls...

  • The Clown (haiku) (4) 3


    THE CLOWN (haiku)
    huge eyes, a smile, frown...