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  • Locked In A Secret (2) 2

    by C Cattaway

    If I were to tell you I love you,
    Even though we're just friends...

  • Earth Forms

    by rohit sapra

    Earth forms so many things
    So many things this world includes...

  • Reconciliation

    by Alex Penuelas

    I can't lie to you
    and tell you that things...

  • By Ben Pickard and Maple Tree
    A small acorn, from my nature soul...

  • The flowers bloom below the sun -
    the spring has quashed the gloom...

  • Maybe

    by rohit sapra

    Journey is this life
    Which is part of me in this process...

  • Major loss (haiku) (4) 4

    by Michael

    My child-hood had died
    lost in a parental war...

  • Rubies on my mind (2) 3

    by Mark

    Rubies are on my mind
    as falling leaves dress ochre meadows and strips...

  • Little Angels (4) 2

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Springs blossoms sadly
    little Angels have reached the sky...

  • Weird (5) 4

    by Em (marmite)

    they say she's placid
    they don't know her...

  • Weighty Problem (9) 5

    by Wuggleberry

    I'm really not
    so over weight...

  • Mothers Day (5) 5

    by Milly Hayward

    The bond between child and mother
    stronger than most any other...