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  • Where do I go from here?
    Here. Where is here? Where have I ended up...

  • Discarded (1)

    by JaM

    This path I walk is cluttered,
    with the awkwardness of the past...

  • Forever Now (1) 1

    by ddavidd

    We shall never go any farther than now.
    We have never existed in any other time...

  • If only I was able to smell
    the lies that people tell...

  • Why Now?

    by C Cattaway

    Doing it again.
    Why am I doing it again...

  • My Lipstick

    by Monica C. Hines

    My lipstick
    My lipstick a deep shade of burgundy...

  • Accepting Salvation (4) 1

    by Kasie

    How is your soul today?
    Have you accepted Christ...

  • Safety (Senryu) (3) 2

    by Jamie

    Do angels exist
    between midnight and seven...

  • Beware The Day! (1) 1


    It’s Halloween, kids love it, Parents on it are...

  • Closet (Senryu) (3) 3

    by Jamie

    Duct tape does its job
    in masquerading certain...

  • Nothing Changed (1) 2

    by Robert Long

    everyone knew
    that happy little boy...

  • Twilight rendezvous (8) 4

    by Michael

    I walked deeper into the twilight where
    the moon peeps through clouds, like...