Poems About Death

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  • Cancer (4) 2

    by Obscure

    Just one more week to be alive
    I wonder what that will be like...

  • Pretending (5) 4

    by Imperfection

    There’s so much in my brain
    Screaming at me...

  • Her Milk Was Sour (23) 11 WIN

    by Ben Pickard

    If the leaves should grieve the way I do,
    Let lightning blast the bark...

  • The Blanket (5) 5

    by Maple Tree

    Her words become shortened
    as each day is knitted into the final...

  • I miss you (13) 8 HM

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I am walking along the beach
    cold foam is hitting my feet...

  • Running my fingers across the stone the carved...
    Loved By All But Died Alone...

  • Flower Fields 1

    by Anne Moore

    Serene Face
    Eyes stare blankly...

  • remember. (8) 7 WIN

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    I succumb to the overwhelming shutdown
    and my mind begins to slow as I realize...

  • Goodbye my friend

    by Seth Rowley

    Goodbye my friend I miss you.
    Everyday seems like a nightmare...

  • I spotted silvery, spikes
    along a very large wall...

  • Death Of A Star (1) 1

    by Anne Moore

    She stands with many others
    On the canyon of empty loneliness...

  • flash forwards (2)

    by Obscure

    I have visions
    that I gave up...