Poems About Death

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  • If I could die before I wake
    It would make the world a better place...

  • Across the Park (1) 2

    by allons y

    Across the park where I play
    A woman lives on the ground...

  • Borrowed Time (2)

    by Kaimeyo

    As I look up, the night sky
    I ask an angel who resembles of me...

  • He only lingered a single week;
    the trials and tribulations of life were now too...

  • I could lay down,
    watch the clouds fall...

  • Death (3) 3

    by allons y

    Glassy eyes lay veiled
    No breath to stir the air...

  • Ghost

    by allons y

    There was a ghost outside
    Someone I once knew well...

  • Now Suicide

    by Roy Severs Jr.

    I'm done, defeated
    Carbon dioxide decreasing...

  • untitled (2) 2

    by mike

    it’s just not worth it anymore
    this life i think i’ve lead...

  • Then (2) 4 HM

    by Trampled Angel

    I remember then -
    under a drunk moon...

  • Flaxen Wings (8) 6

    by Maple Tree

    She lived within a cave dwelling
    past few years or so...

  • Can't Play On (16) 11

    by Ben Pickard

    I've skated on my frozen blood
    for far too long...