Poems About Death

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  • Coffin 2

    by P o e m e l o

    I find no beauty
    rest within you, as you paint...

  • Her universe is tilted to the rising moon,
    lighting up the walls of her dismay...

  • My New Friend (1) 1

    by Joseph Kerr

    My soul it has, made a new mate
    One who can only deteriorate...

  • Re: Nightmare

    by Max Wright

    Screaming raged throughout the hallways—
    a lonely voice which scratched the walls...

  • 2

    by mike

    what are scars
    where do they come from...

  • A Fireman's Grave

    by Sive Klaas

    In dark dark fumes of flames
    In dark caves of no promises...

  • Don't let go.

    by Fenrir

    They said, holding on to this narrow ledge, slowly...
    Too much weight on my shoulders to keep up...

  • You Took My Life (5) 2

    by Hales

    Just a normal morning, nothing to fear.
    Just a school day, a Friday...

  • Note 1

    by Blake

    Heaven said to me it missed
    Then asked from me a tender kiss...

  • Death-
    He comes in forms of fake smiles...

  • It knocked again (2) 2

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Death is part of life
    it lives inside of us...

  • nsfw (1) 3

    by Sai

    One of my earliest childhood memories is of Father
    frothing at the mouth, spreadeagled on the side of...