Poems About Death

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  • In the Darkness of Night (1) 1

    by Phantom Lord

    In the darkness of night
    Only movement the wind...

  • Suicide Note (1) 2

    by schmetterling

    I wrote a
    suicide note...

  • Suicidal

    by schmetterling

    I am on the verge
    of overdosing...

  • The House On the Hill (4) 2

    by Phantom Lord

    Mary stayed at home
    John worked in the mill...

  • Death

    by ImTheGirl

    The thing about death is it's final
    Often there's no time for one more good-bye...

  • I've Suffered Enough (1) 3

    by schmetterling

    Last night
    I wanted to kill myself...

  • Amy Girl

    by Olivia

    My beautiful angel looking down upon me as I walk...

  • I Want to Die

    by schmetterling

    I want
    To cut...

  • It'll be alright (2) 2

    by redacted_words

    It'll just be small cut
    And then it'll all be alright...

  • The other end (2) 2

    by Imperfection

    Feel like there’s a lot in my head
    It’s on over drive...

  • Tho' I have aged, her grave appears as new;
    Instilled in time with time that stole her youth...

  • Emptiness

    by Danielle

    Why now?
    Why this emptiness...