Poems About Saying "Goodbye" to a Friend

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  • The blue house (13) 7

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I remember children running through the house
    cats hiding under the couch...

  • Broken Chair (12) 5

    by Lauren Waszkiewicz

    In a broken wooden rocking chair,
    I cut my long, vermilion hair...

  • As time goes-by (11) 11

    by Michael

    As seasons pass, there is a day,
    I’ll visit where, your bones now lay...

  • Plane Of Death...

  • Thousand Miles Apart (3)

    by mzSHAWTY

    Another day, passing me by .
    & I say a prayer every night hoping you won't...

  • What happened to the poets
    Are they off drinking again...

  • Now You're Gone (7) 1

    by Romancing the Darker Side

    I see you've left, and gone away.
    When again shall I see you...

  • From here to somewhere (10) 7

    by Michael

    the roses in your cheeks faded
    changing colour...

  • Used to be (1)

    by Lost in a big world

    There used to be a day where we never left...
    You were my sister and i was yours...

  • Come back to me (4)

    by ShawdowDancer

    Every part of me wanted to cry
    When i had to say bye...

  • It's Time To let Go (1)

    by Ree Ree

    U just don't get it,
    what we have isn't a friendship...

  • What a lie (1)

    by Madelaine

    Friends Forever
    What a lie...