Fantasy and Mystical Poems

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  • Beneath The Surface (28)

    by twisted reality

    Streaming hair so soft and blonde,
    Is too complete for a respond...

  • Scarred For Life (28)

    by twisted reality

    Salty tears drop from her eyes,
    Unable to completely disguise...

  • Xiomara (27)

    by Rusted x Heart

    Watch as the folding surface
    Bends the lonely light...

  • Sparkling cyanide (27)

    by TrUtH hUrTs

    It’s pitch black
    I can’t see a thing...

  • Dark Angel [Tyburn] (24)

    by Cella Bella


  • Spiderman (22)

    by Mark Spencer

    By Mark Spencer...

  • These Visions (21)

    by End Of Eternity

    Different night but same dreams
    First i choke but then i scream...

  • Her body lay on the red velvet bed
    black roses covered her bust...

  • My other world. (21)

    by Jacqui Armstrong

    I closed my eyes and slipped away
    To another place another day...

  • Screaming, kicking, piercing loud,
    I scramble to get out of this darkness...

  • A Coma In-Between (20)

    by The Queen of Spades

    I wish we could fall into a coma
    Sink into the center of the earth...

  • The Roses (20)

    by Broken

    Plant the black roses
    Deep in the ground...