Dark Poems

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  • Quest for Imortality (2) 1

    by Vanessa

    Ink injected ivory skin,
    Dripping wet with sex and sin...

  • The mysterious pisces (19) 12 HM

    by mysticalpisces

    She is mysterious,
    an air of intrigue surrounding her...

  • Long Live the Bat (6) 6

    by Tony

    *Collab with Alec*
    On a cold and dreary Gotham night...

  • Like A Lie (2)

    by Hallo A Lilium

    It's like a lie that you continue to tell
    Always pretending every thing's going well...

  • Angelic Dark (3)

    by Curing the Comon Cliche

    Surrender flames to something else
    Let them burn inside some star...

  • My Fortress (2)

    by rosalina calling

    They say I am strong,
    But coldness is preceived as strength...

  • My Name is jenny I am but 3 and tonight my daddy...
    I am by the window just looking out my mummy's...

  • My Sweet Sorrow... (2)

    by silly emu209

    I cut myself
    And watch me bleed...

  • Vampire (rap) (2)

    by Dustin S

    There's a puddle on the floor,
    And that's all you see. Nothing more...

  • Shes beautiful when covered in bruises
    Taking in drugs and sculling down cruises...

  • There is this stupid boy,
    Who walks among the halls...

  • Devil's puppet (2)

    by william

    Do you believe in the Devil and the Lord?
    Or is believing something you cannot afford...