Poems About Unexplained

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  • Surprise Surprise (4)

    by Countess of Monte Cristo

    Screams, and threats and slaps and spits.
    That's what i got above your hits...

  • Black&Blue (2)

    by XxxWordsOfWisdomxxX

    I'm lost in a world
    That is not my own...

  • I must awaken (4) 2 HM

    by Dixiedaisy

    Pomengranate pulp
    Stains delicate virgin's flesh...

  • Our regret (8) 3

    by Gooberz

    Open my mind to the words
    That I have chosen not to hear...

  • Dark-some solitude (7)

    by SeGrAdA

    Sitting alone in this filthiness,
    grieving at this killing emptiness...

  • Adrenaline (1) 3

    by Hope

    All the people bleed together, the stars burn out...
    As I burn out the stars, living down every life...

  • Grasp of Air (8) 3

    by Meme

    It's really cold in here
    The place is pitch black...

  • Save Me (2) 2

    by Dragonfly69

    Pinch Me
    Wake me up...

  • What do you want from me (2) 2

    by rorisang

    You come in the night to breath in what is left of...
    you take control of me when I have no power to...

  • Wakefulness & Dreams (2) 1

    by Sarah Ann

    Let it go, unclench your fist in silence
    Watch it all transform and start to make sense...

  • Hussssh
    Please, please hush...

  • The Cost Of Freedom (2)

    by Fallen Hero

    From the shadows creeps a quiet man,
    who never breaks the silence...