Poems About Being Best Friends

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  • The Hawk

    by fenix flight

    Damaged beyond repair
    a body without a soul...

  • Dramatic

  • best friends (2) 1

    by Ranbow Colour

    black ash raining down on me
    burning plastics from me and d...

  • He

    by Sagedream

    I became a strange person
    No one comprehends...

  • She smiles when you're watching,
    But I know she hurts inside...

  • Hound (1) 3

    by CJ Maleney

    Born in the day and bathed in the light.
    Eyes open so I'm told, no hint of a fight...

  • Day by Day

    by Amina Lawan Umar

    Like the falling rains from the sky
    After years of drought...

  • My Best Friend (my boy) (5) 3

    by CJ Maleney

    5 years old .
    "dad is that back seat for me...

  • Sam

    by lorna

    when my world ended you where there
    You said nothing...

  • An Angel Named Sarah

    by charmaineMifsud

    I have the greatest friend on earth
    Sisters by God but not by birth...

  • Best Friend is your name
    Without you I'd be lost...

  • You are strong 1

    by Bre Bre

    Times are rough
    But you are so very tough...