Poems About Being Best Friends

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  • Two Girls Walking on a Wall (3) 4

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Youth rox!
    Accountability is making the step...

  • Salmoosh ! (3)

    by Sarah

    Like a gift to the world she came
    A little scary but way cool...

  • Walking in Circles (2)

    by The Angel of Secrets

    I can see you walking inside a cold city,
    Tossing your scarf across your throat...

  • For Cristian (4)

    by Second to None

    ** for cristian. true story, enjoy **
    Did you know your the most talented person i know...

  • Jessica (4)

    by Love vs Fate

    This is a good friend
    of mine...

  • Sorry (2)

    by Forever Broken

    I stare into the mirror
    looking into an unfamiliar face...

  • A war she can't win (4)

    by Alexis

    A girl who has fought many times before
    sees something different about this war...

  • In life just doing the smallest thing
    can make a big difference...

  • I love ya (3)

    by Forever Broken

    People look at us and stare
    as we walk down the hall...

  • Goodbye (2) 1

    by Brooke

    "I'm leaving" she said.
    "I'm leaving to go away&quot...

  • Friends for life (16) 8

    by deeplydesturbed

    Whispering softly
    into your ear as I cry...

  • Through Thick and Thin.... (6) 2

    by lOsT sOuL

    I Could skip a heartbeat, and I would survive,
    I could be in a car crash, and still be alive...