Poems About Family

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  • There's no title fitting (2) 1

    by Majoress Annikie Manamela

    All my life...
    I've always wondered...

  • Dani's Lullaby (4) 2

    by CJ Maleney

    Sweet dreams when they may take you,
    I've sent an angel to watch above...

  • Theatre (14) 7 HM

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    "It's time now" they say
    And we each take your hands...

  • Spotlights (2) 1

    by fenix flight

    Was your spotlight more important?
    I felt like it was more loved...

  • Slow Down (9) 5

    by Kasie

    Time seems like it's flying,
    You're growing up so fast...

  • Scrambled Eggs (10) 10

    by mossgirl19

    Today, we gathered over the first
    scrambled eggs you have...

  • Totally clueless (6) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    That moment when the picture reveals
    we are having a boy...

  • The Cost Of Life (3) 2

    by Justen Smith

    "Dedicated to my family and most importantly the...
    Near everything is expendable...

  • Remember this (3) 3

    by Mahalia Butler

    When you grow up my son
    Remember what I say...

  • Mistakes Not Lessons

    by Justen Smith

    Everyone will tell you,
    It was not a mistake...

  • My Wish For You (14) 8

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    So many things still to discover
    A lifetime of things to go wrong...

  • When death has stricken all the joy of day
    And bled it out in red and golden hue...