Poems About Love and Friendship

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  • Fragile Book (10) 4

    by Cinnamonspice

    Opening the book of life
    pages tattered and torn...

  • Sixteen is much more than just a number.
    It's when, for the first time in her life...

  • Eye to Eye (2) 3

    by Alex Penuelas

    We may not always
    See eye to eye...

  • Flight of hope (5) 3

    by Michael

    Sitting. Waiting in a departure

  • Break my fall (4) 3

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    I've spent years shutting people who claimed to...
    Knowing that letting anyone get close to me could...

  • Just stay (2) 3

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    Before I fall asleep each night,
    It is your face that bounces around in the...

  • I remembered (4) 3

    by Ekta Jain

    Yeah!! I remembered
    I remembered the...

  • Crystal voices are
    yours Cindy, hear their...

  • What is love?? (14) 3

    by nancy

    What is love?
    Is love a feeling that weaves dreams...

  • I Will Be There (10) 3

    by Ingrid de Klerck

    The road ahead can be dark at times, friend
    Doubts and fears like demons in your mind...

  • It's just a feeling that I cannot explain,
    like everyday I'm trying to outrun a train...

  • without you (4) 2

    by k.won

    I thought of a song
    but it had no tune...