Poems About Love and Friendship

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  • Because (17) 6

    by Cindy


  • You came to me
    When I needed a friend...

  • It took me by surprise (6) 5

    by Dagmar Wilson

    And the rain is falling.
    I watch you going inside this house...

  • Wordless (fibonacci) (5) 5

    by Larry Chamberlin


  • Best Daddy (8) 4

    by Phoenix ¥

    I know I am not his daughter,
    I know I am not his wife...

  • Drunken Lullabies (5) 4 WIN

    by dollwithafrown

    A skelf pierces my brittle skin as we sit
    cross-legged on the corroded floorboards...

  • Back Bone (7) 4

    by believeinlove87

    Let me be your backbone,
    keep you standing tall...

  • Fragile Book (10) 4

    by Cinnamonspice

    Opening the book of life
    pages tattered and torn...

  • Sixteen is much more than just a number.
    It's when, for the first time in her life...

  • For a Friend (4) 3

    by mike

    when everything has turned to grey
    know that i’ll be here to stay...

  • Jael (3) 3

    by charlie

    The humid night, thick as tar,
    Dripping from a bloodied star...

  • Hugs (2) 3

    by chrissy carter

    You know what feels awesome? Hugs!
    Unexpected hugs feel amazing...