Funny Poems About Society

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  • The Nose (3) 2


    The Nose
    What could a nose know? It tells you when to...

  • Healthy Irony (syntuit)

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Dignity Team Health:
    car enwrapt with this bold ad...

  • The Death Of A Poet (5) 4

    by CJ Maleney

    Another sleepless night
    With things bounding round your head...

  • Alienspeak

    by joseph santacruz

    Im a spaced out scientist and i like to fish
    for inner outer space folks on my huge satellite...

  • Cellphone (2) 3

    by celine ribaya

    Created by a genius
    that now I use...

  • You too should learn Kung Fu (8) 4

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Author's note: this poem starts off with the...

  • Puppet moves; rap breaking a dance
    Wiggling gyrating and synthesizers...

  • England. (16) 6 WIN

    by DarkLight

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue...

  • Coffee 3 - Omega (5) 2

    by Maher

    Five "Tea"s do I count,
    but "Coffee"s only three...

  • Coffee 2 - Rap (1) 2

    by Maher

    Tree leaf, tea leaf, let us leave;
    satisfaction absent, apparent it seems...

  • Coffee (11) 3

    by Maher

    May the ghosts of grinders find you
    and in every tea cup haunt you...

  • Rubber necking at
    girls in their summer clothing...