Poems About Faith and Religion

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  • With God You Can 2

    by Tiffany Boyd

    With God by my side I can do whatever I want...
    The devil tells me I can't do something I show him...

  • One day

    by Alice rider

    One day i wont be alone
    He will take me by the hand and guied me...

  • My design

    by Ali Woop

    Its ok to show fear.
    It means you have wisdom...

  • For The Win! (2) 4 HM

    by Lemon Squeezy

    A thick vale of darkness the absence of Light,
    A deep void adorned in presence of night...

  • Somehow (24) 12 WIN

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Somehow we survive
    bombshells coming at us...

  • 2 years (2) 1

    by Alice rider

    The last two years have been hard
    I have gave out my love but nothing in return...

  • Heaven (12) 7

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Getting along
    sounds like a dream...

  • Diy Bapitsm (4) 3

    by Alice

    With the hard bristle brush
    I take to my flesh...

  • Unnoticed (13) 8 HM

    by Dagmar Wilson

    A flower
    sitting on the side of the road...

  • I will never fall through the stations again.
    The panels of vibrant salvation...

  • Embedded Morality (2) 1

    by Alice

    The crucifix
    is lodged like a stick in our eyes...

  • I dropped into to the desperate dogma of a prayer.
    Knees buckled on that ancient cathedral floor...