Inspirational Poems

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  • Making Peace (6) 2 WIN

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Hand inside the honey jar
    Face deep in the dirt...

  • Iridescent (16) 7 WIN

    by Beautiful Chaos

    I see those rainbows forming,
    Deep inside your eyes...

  • A Moment of Glory (27)

    by Karl Wild GG23

    Pressure is placed on all shoulders,
    Promising futures are often sought...

  • I Believe (63)

    by Darlena

    I believe in making every experience educational,
    The strength in friendship...

  • A Letter From Your Soul (59)

    by ShhhhItsASecret©

    I am writing you this letter
    To tell you what you need to do...

  • The Soundtrack Of My Life (36) 16 WIN

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    How I envied you all
    With your senses intact...

  • A Conversation (7) 4 WIN

    by William Mae

    A Conversation
    Two glasses filled sat closely near each other...

  • A Time (10) 1

    by TSI25

    There's a time for loneliness
    When skies cry and we turn inside...

  • I am a daughter, grand-daughter, mother, sister...
    I am confident and scared, terrified and excited...

  • Hell Hath No Fury (17) 2 WIN

    by Countess of Monte Cristo

    I am a sea of rage..
    Screaming with every wave...

  • Cry (10)

    by Whisper

    Never once did she let a tear fall down
    For she thought it would make her weak...

  • Small Town (39)

    by FridusBlueheaven

    Title : Small Town
    Written By : Fridus Blueheaven...