Patriotic Poems

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  • (For Syria)
    I find a way...

  • One September morning,
    Our nation was torn...

  • You or my country (8)

    by !*!Zoe!*!

    You ask me if I love you
    And I turn my face away...

    In a station in the city a British soldier stood...

  • Among the crosses (6)

    by Sinister Soire

    I sit among the marble columns
    And gaze down endless rows...

  • War World (9)

    by Michael

    A father bids his family goodbye,
    his child has fun to where his father is going...

  • Mexican Pride (4)

    by ~Karen-Eileen~

    My Mexican people have real pride
    They will never be left behind...

  • The Battlefield (2)

    by Tom Watkins

    The Battlefield
    It is said that some are taken by terror...

  • On The Frontline

    by Ashley Redden

    Playing a game called War
    Where we trade in lives for freedom...

  • Tired and Bruised (1)

    by Poetically Speaking

    The soldier squared his shoulders,
    as he slowly raised his head...

  • An Army Of One (3)

    by ~5*seconds*ago~

    Smiling and waving
    As he goes to the gate...

  • American Soldiers (20)

    by Tiller

    At attention,
    There they stand...