Patriotic Poems

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  • A military burial (14) 6

    by Brenda

    Looking out across
    these gently rolling hills...

  • The first black regiment 54th massachussets (2) 2

    by Independence Forever

    Under the leadership of colonel shaw
    they broke any preceding law...

  • The Color Ivy (7) 5 HM

    by Ramblings of an ageing Kid

    Oh don't you color my voice with colors of ivy
    Imprisoning me in my own room...

  • We The People (7) 5

    by Dixiedaisy

    Relict of a union
    Formerly united...

  • Atlantis ahead (syntuit) (6) 5

    by - Mr. Darcy

    atlantis ahead...

  • Bullet Crown (18) 9

    by Faithless

    Polka dots of green
    cascading down a celestial sphere...

  • I'm sitting here full of anger.
    And my mind is just blank...

  • They Wave Their Flags (3) 1

    by Mark Rawlins

    Well they waved their flags when Thatcher died
    and they laid her in the ground...

  • Q-Tips (4) 1

    by Avrii Monrielle

    White and puffy at both ends
    Those will be our nation's eyes...

  • Stars Of Wars (6) 3

    by CJ Maleney

    Luke I'm not your father
    For he is dead and gone...

  • A Letter Home (5)

    by sadeyes

    A letter came to my home just the other day
    It was addressed To Whom It may Concern...

  • Curtain Call (2) 1

    by Freeze Tyler

    If all the world's a stage, and I'm simply a...
    Then this world is a tragedy, and I'm the...