Poems About Society

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  • Selfish 1

    by Professor Leskinen

    When i was sick, I wished my neighbor would take...
    Because when i was coughing and vomiting, they...

  • Wasted heroes 1

    by Professor Leskinen

    Johny once had a friend
    Who tried to swim in the sea with sharks...

  • If you're (2) 5

    by Victor

    If you're stupid and normal
    You probably won't get somewhere in life...

  • It has no name (6) 2

    by Dagmar Wilson

    The times when you hear gun shots go off
    night has a way of attracting crime...

  • Make-up (6) 3

    by Evi

    Yesterday I went shopping.
    I needed to buy some make-up...

  • Dekh zamaane ka ye tarz,
    jab likhne baith gya shayar...

  • Crime and punishment,
    life against nature...

  • Touching on a nerve (6) 3

    by patrick

    Life never stops for death
    Its just a hiccup in the main stream of ongoing...

  • Do you even politic. (6) 4

    by Justen Smith

    You've turned the USA,
    Into the KKK...

  • Christmas Alone (5) 6

    by C Cattaway

    A season of good will. A season
    Tis not for the lonely...

  • They ask me where I was born
    like if the place where I come from...

  • Little Sister (1) 2

    by The Monster you Trust

    The bystander is self-centered,
    a bleeding heart's betrayer...