Poems About Society

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  • Stranger is I

    by Mac23

    To you a stranger is I
    Like a shadow that passes by...

  • Empty world (1) 1

    by DamonRay

    This world might be big but seems so empty when...
    People all around but no ones there when you need...

  • The Big Earth (2) 1

    by Vince Gullaci

    Proud to belong
    to the human race...

  • Potus Firsts (3) 1

    by Larry Chamberlin

    The first president I remember was Eisenhower
    The first president I mourned was Kennedy...

  • The angels cried (17) 10

    by Brenda

    They found him,

  • And or ism
    Make you the moment...

  • Pigeon Holes

    by Ranbow Colour

    Sectioned into my only place.
    Given to me by the greater man...

  • Propaganda (acrostic) (7) 4

    by Michael

    Prepare yourselves
    Recent news has revealed that...

  • Survivor

    by FTS Miles

    14 January 2013

  • May The Odds (syntuit) (1) 2

    by Larry Chamberlin

    For many people
    life is drawing for a straight...

  • The same old song (6) 4 HM

    by Michael

    Mouths hush to a silent lull-
    i sighed in awe as my...

  • Fatigue (senyru) 1

    by Michael

    A trick of ones mind
    were hands quicker than the eye...